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If I had the skills, I’d make a stop motion animation about life if people were vegetables. Think about it. President Broc Obama. Teenagers trying to watch corn on the internet. 

It’s network gold!

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I want to talk about hugging

After the first few months of any friendship, a socially astute person will know whether or not they are hugging friends or not-hugging friends. When you meet for coffee, do you immediately lean in for the quick “it’s nice to see you” hug? Or does the very idea make you slightly uncomfortable? It has nothing to do with how much you like each other, it’s just a universally accepted truth between the two of you, established early and intuitively. Do you hug?

I’m not here to judge. Two of my closest friendships were non-hugging relationships. Maybe at a big event, or for an impromptu picture, but not really otherwise. However, a lot of my friendships are pro-hug, because, let’s face it, I’m a hugger. 

Which brings me to the whole point of this post. What if, somewhere along the way, I accidentally established a hugging friendship with someone who wanted to be not-hugging friends? The proper way to test for this, of course, is to let whoever did not take the lead last time to guide the initial greeting. But what if they were too shy and instead hugged out of obligation? I would never know. We’d still be hugging friends today. This will probably keep me up tonight.

The only reason I started thinking about all this is because I was thinking about how awesome hugs are.